Public education is under attack. Traditionally revered as the cornerstone of democracy, our public schools are now too often the butt of scorn and ridicule. Politicians call for privatizing education. Newspaper columnists revile "educrats." And children suffer as communities withdraw support from a once-respected institution that has become the target of unwarranted disdain.

   This didn't happen by accident. Powerful institutions fuel the antipathy. Think tanks connected with interests seeking to profit from privatized education - and their voices in the press - are leading the assault.

   Other powerful forces take advantage of schools’ vulnerability to exploit children. Soda bottlers and junk-food vendors encourage cash-strapped schools to balance their budgets by selling unhealthy foods to kids.

   We are public-school parents and advocates who see firsthand that our schools can work. We know that the attacks are unjust and misdirected. In a complex and changing society, our schools face far greater challenges than ever. They need support, not savagery. Exploitation of children by business, civic leaders and journalists should outrage the public.

   Our mission is to build support for schoolchildren, classrooms, teachers and communities.

"A war is being waged on America's public schools. They are under siege... Most of those criticizing public schools are not interested in what the facts really say, but only what their ideology demands that the facts say. It's a war. All's fair."
- Gerald Bracey
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What PASA stands for:

We support serving healthy food in public schools.

We oppose for-profit companies operating public schools, nationally and locally.

We support Board of Education members whose focus is on improving education for our children, not promoting their own political agenda or posturing on world events.

We support accountable, honest, competent management by the San Francisco Unified School District.

We call for thorough, fair, accurate news coverage of our public schools.

We oppose voucher plans that drain public funds from public schools to support exclusive private schools.

We have come to view charter schools as a weapon in the arsenal aimed at weakening and destroying public education. While some individual charter schools are functioning effectively, the charter movement overall is creating unaccountable schools that answer to no authority and that do harm to school districts -- and children -- in myriad ways.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
- Mohandas Gandhi


Food in Schools

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San Francisco Public Schools

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School privatization and charter schools

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  • 2002 Award for Leadership given to PASA's founder Caroline Grannan by Parents for Public Schools of San Francisco "for her relentless efforts to tell the truth about Edison (and) for her commitment to the ideals of a democratic press..."

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Mead

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